Wine polishing

Mature or fortified wine is already physically, chemically and microbiologically stable and only requires a final polish to improve clarity and to remove any yeast and bacteria which may be present.

Parker|domnick hunter have developed two key products which can be used in fine wine polishing applications, PREPOR PP and PREPOR NG.

wine polishing


  • Yeast removal
  • Bacterial reduction


  • Most retentive, advanced depth construction
  • Yeast removal
  • Bacterial reduction
  • Haze reduction
  • Designed for backwash regeneration

HSL Single and Multi 3, 5, 7, 8 and 10 Round Liquid Housings.

  • 316L construction water pre-filtration housing.
  • Double Open Ended and 222 location styles.
  • Range of screwed and flanged main port, vent and drain connections and seal materials.

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