Antares ATT 025-340

with Tandem Technology

AntaresAntares dryer with Tandem Technology – an innovative family of dryers for compressed air from 2.5 to 34m3/min manufactured by Parker HZD (Hiross Zander Division). “Tandem Technology” effectively combines two well known classic drying techniques, working in harmony with one another, to form an optimised and unique compressed air treatment package – Refrigeration Technology/Adsorption Technology. This unique combination enables high-quality compressed air to be provided to the end-user at low energy consumption levels when compared to more traditional adsorption dryers.

Antares Tandem Technology constantly achieves a dew-point of -40 °C as standard. To reach such levels of compressed air purity, patented product features and mode of operation contribute to extremely low purge-air requirements. Without the need to alter any of the components in the dryer, AT-Technology is able to supply a wide range of compressed air dew-points, achieved by simply setting the desired value on the control panel. Dew-points above zero, typical of the performance of a refrigeration dryer and dew-points below zero (down to -70 °C), which are in the realms of adsorption technology, are easily achievable in an efficient and economical manner.

Untreated, humid compressed air is initially confronted by a pre-filter protecting a traditional, but modified and patented refrigeration circuit, where the majority of the water vapour is effectively removed from the incoming air. The second stage consists of a highly-compact desiccant drying stage, protected before and after by high-performance oil/water-aerosol and particle removal filters, which serves to further reduce the moisture content of the air to a standard dew-point of -40 °C. Finally, clean, dry compressed air exits via the patented air/air heat-exchanger to be re-heated and delivered to the air distribution system. Tried and tested, patent-pending technology, exploiting both PSA (pressure swing adsorption) and TSA (temperature swing adsorption) brings together an effective and economical solution to meet the needs of the compressed air user. With the addition of a dewpoint dependent switching feature for periods of intermittent load, incorporated into the electronic controller of every ATT dryer, initial investment costs are quickly amortised and lifetime costs minimised.

ATT dryers equipped with an optional by-pass are ideally suited to meet the demands of seasonal variation, calling for application flexibility to meet dew-points requirements above zero in summer and below zero in winter. In such cases Antares Tandem Technology
can be operated solely as a refrigeration-dryer or alternatively “in tandem” with the adsorption stage.

The major advantage of Parker Hiross “Antares Tandem Technology” over and above that of other compressed air drying technologies is its contribution to energy-efficiency and overall running-cost reduction. Less overall power consumption, less purge-air consumption, constant and stable outlet-pressure dew-points and reduced operating and maintenance costs are the major features of this product range.

Key Benefits

  • Lower operating costs vs. traditional heatless and heat-regenerative adsorption dryers (lower purge-air requirement and lower heater consumption).
  • Reduced maintenance costs due to less desiccant-fill with extended life time.
  • Exemption from periodic vessel inspection.
  • Constant dew-point performance – no peaks above set-point.
  • „Dial-a dew-point feature“ for seasonal operation (By-pass Option)
  • Additional energy savings at partial load – (Dew-point-Dependant-Switching).
  • Compact overall dimensions – Small footprint – Space saving.

Scope of supply

  • Antares Tandem Technology dryer – supplied ready for installation.
  • Complete with ISO-12500 validated oil/water-aerosol and particulate GL pre-filters, located prior to the refrigeration circuit, and pre-and post the adsorption stage.
  • Dew-point Dependant Switching – A standard feature on all models.
  • Integral timed condensate drain on models ATT025-090 – integral capacitance condensate drain on models ATT140-340.


  • By-pass for seasonal operation (Models ATT060-340).
  • 7“ colour -Touch Screen Display (Models ATT140-340).
  • External electronic capacitive condensate drain (Models ATT025-090)

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