MDK dryer

Cassette dryer MDK is an effective method for compressed air/gas drying/ gas at small-capacity. Dryer inside includes a desiccant cartridge, the housing is equiped by control valve for manual depressurisation. In the upper part of the housing is located a visual indicator of the state of the drying cartridge. The advantage of this dryer is easy replacement of desiccant that is performed without special tools for about 1-2 minutes. The dryer can dry the medium to PDP down to -40 °C. There is no need any poweer supply for the operation of MDK dryer. To prolong the life of the desiccant cartridge should be placed in front of the dryer microfilter series XL. The dryer is designed for max. ressure of 16 barg, higher pressure is solved by individual demand.

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