Medical Air Quality Pharmacopée Européenne

Breathing Star BSP-MT
Very reliable source of top-quality breathing air.

There is strong focus on compressed air treatment at the use for human respiratory applications, like breatings on hospital. Purification system Breathing Star BSP-MT produces breathing air which meets the strictest demands for such applications. Resulting air quality is much better than all relevant international standars for medical use.

The range of BSP-MT is suitable for the most strict criterions according to Pharmacopée Européenne.


  • this range covers 15 sizes
  • guarantied 4.000 hours of operation
  • very low water conent, PDP= -40 °C
  • efective capacity up to 850 m3/h
  • optional pressure up to 350 bar
  • purifies compressed air for breathning with air quality better than required by Pharmacopée Européenne
  • reduced operating costs
  • stadanrd direct synchronisation with air compressor
  • dew-point control by Multitronic + ZHM100 – option

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