Desiccant Air Cooling

The use of desiccant cooling systems to cool supply air for air-conditioning plants is becoming more and more common. The main benefit of the system is that no cooling compressors or chemical refrigerants are involved in the cooling process. Only air, water, and heat are used to cool down the supply air. DehuTech can offer complete desiccant cooling systems with airflows between 9 000 – 60 000 m3/h.

Evaporative pre-cooling of cooling system condensers or water coolers has been proven to provide a cost-effective solution that also requires minimal maintenance.¨

By evaporative pre-cooling, greater heat transfer can be achieved in the heat exchanger. This, for example, in the case of machine cooling, reduces the demands on the compression pressure of the refrigerant. The electrical input decreases and the cooling output increases.

An equally important factor of adiabatic evaporative cooling is a simple, measurable solution and requires minimal maintenance. This construction traps dust and prevents clogging of the condenser / cooler fins. This ensures consistent high efficiency throughout the life of the system.

This pre-cooler concept can be adapted for single or double heat exchangers (V-shape), for dry coolers with vertical or horizontal installation. These chillers can be installed on new units or retrofitted on existing systems to reduce electricity consumption, increase capacity and make the system more environmentally friendly.

Each reduction of the air temperature by 1 ° C increases the efficiency of the condensing unit by 2%