Aftercooler range Hypercool

Compressed air / gas after compression is hot and wet. Both of these properties are generally undesirable. Therefore, a range of chillers HyperCool was designed which cools down the air / gas while water vapour condensates. The removal of the resulting condensate is separated in separators WS or Hypersep with corresponding drainage. At the same time, the outlet temperature is pressure dew point (PDP).

The coolant can be cooling water. Where it is not available cooling water, can be installed industrial water chiller Hyperchill or Hyperfree.

Water-cooled Aftercoolers

The actual construction is tubular heat exchangers with a fixed or removable tubesheet. Ribbed pipes ensure high heat transfer efficiency with minimal pressure loss. They can be installed directly on the air outlet behind the compressor or blower.

Parker Hiross hypercools are also available in stainless steel, copper or nickel, depending on air (gas) or water quality requirements.

Water-cooled aftercoolers – Hypercool
Maximum flow
WRN with removable tubesheet up to 12 000 m3/hour