Intelligent pumps


Product SciLog® FilterTec™/ FilterTec™ Plus SciLog® PureTec® SciLog® MabTec® SciLog® ChemTec™ SciLog® LabTec™
Use Automated Normal Flow Filtration (NFF) System Automated Tangential Flow Filtration (TFF) System Automated Bioreactor Maintenance System Automated Metering System Automated Dispensing system
  • Media filtration
  • Buffer filtration
  • Bioreactor harvest
  • Final sterile filtration
  • Chromatography column loading
  • Up to 3 filters evaluation and comparison
  • Protein purification
  • Concentration
  • Diafiltration
  • Harvesting & clarification
  • Inoculating, transfecting and induction
  • Perfusion
  • Ultra high-detensity cel culture
  • Feeding of cell cultures
  • Feed scheduling for chemical reactors
  • Chemical metering
  • pH adjustments
  • Solution weight meintenance
  • Preparative chromatography
  • Laboratory sample preparation and dilution
  • Final fill finish in small production runs
  • Optimization and automation of NFF applications
  • Incorporates patented R/P Stat Mode increases filter throughpit up to 30%
  • Complete TFF application development system
  • Automatically monitors flow rate to optimize yield
  • Can be used with any manufacturers’ filters
  • Pre-programmed modes for bioreactor maintenance applications minimize set up times
  • Eliminates bioreactor addition errors
  • Accurate metering by volume or weight
  • Programmed linear
    or exponential feed
  • Rapid and accurate dispensing by volume, weight or weight ratio
  • 10 pre-set dispensing modes to save time when switching from one volume to another



SciLog® FilterTec™/ FilterTec™ Plus

Normal Flow Filtration (NFF) System

The SciLog® FilterTec™ is an automated laboratory scale normal flow filtration (NFF) system that monitors, adjusts and documents filter back pressure and filtrate.

Features and Benefits:

  • Filterability studies and VMax determination.
  • Increase DEF filter utilization up to 35%.
  • 3 pressure sensor and balance hook-ups for filter trains.
  • Safe, walk-away system operation.


SciLog® PureTec®

Tangential Flow Filtration (TFF) System

The SciLog® PureTec® is a laboratory-scale tangential flow filtration (TFF/”cross flow”) and parameter development system.

Features and Benefits:

  • Ideal for lab-scale UF/MF/DF – concentration and diafiltration.
  • Controls and monitors TMP (transmembrane pressure) and feed rate.
  • Set end points and alarm for walk-away operation

SciLog® PureTec® – video


SciLog® MabTec®

Cell Culture Maintenance System 

The SciLog® MabTec® is an automated high density cell culture system.

Features and Benefits:

  • Promote high-density cell culture though automated seed, feed and perfusion strategies.
  • Methods and alarms to protect your entire cell culture processes.
  • Modular compact design enhances current setups.
  • Seamless integration to any bioreactor to enhance performance.


SciLog® ChemTec™

Precision Metering System

The SciLog® ChemTec™ is a high precision metering system that provides application specific automation for chemical and biological application.

Features and Benefits:

  • Stored methods for linear or exponential feed by weight or volume.
  • Validated methods for pH control and titration, analytic (UV, turbidity) device tracking, preparative chromatography, and buffer weight maintenance.
  • Walk-away automation with remote or user defined alarms and interlocks.
  • Programmable control of two 6-port rotary valves


SciLog® LabTec™

Smart Dispenser System

The SciLog® LabTecTM is an automated laboratory scale dispensing system by volume, weight or weight ratio.

Features and Benefits:

  • Rapid, high precision dispensing/filling, mL to L.
  • Store up to 10 dispensing procedures.
  • Automated dispensing by weight or by volume.
  • In-line filter sterilization – senses filter plug-up.
  • Sample weighing and auto-diluting – weight ratio capability.
  • Performance validation sent with each LabTec®.
  • Hands free dispensing with footswitch

SciLog® LabTecTM – video

Complete Cell Culture Harvest System

The HarvestClear® Filtration System is a complete solution for cell culture harvest that provides fast, automated clarification of bioreactor outputs up to 20L. The system integrates SciLog fluid handling and pressure sensing expertise with the filtration excellence of Parker domnick hunter.

Features and Benefits:

  • A turnkey solution for rapid controlled clarification of bioreactors outputs up to 20L.
  • Reduced set-up time.
  • Integrated SciPres® pressure sensors enable patented R/P Stat Method which improves filter capacity and allows for safe, walk-away processing