PoleStar Smart-E

Range PoleStar-E

New range of fridge dryers covers 28 sizes with capacity up to 10.800 m3/h:

Dryers PoleStar-E, type PSE (120 and higher) have R513A cooling media, capacity up to 10.800 m3/h. Inteligent control system, patented SmartPack heat exchanger, with 50% less moving parts than similar technologies, etc. .


  • suitable for all compressed air applications
  • low pressure drop
  • the most energy efficient fridge dryer on the market
  • amount of cooling agent reduced by 65%
  • evaporator cooling by water as an option
  • electronic condansate drain as a standard
  • environmentally friendly
  • available fridge dryers for max. operating pressure up to 50 barg