Quantitative Fluid Management

The SciLog® WeighStationTM family is an assortment of mobile, compact, bioprocessing container holders with integrated scales for gravimetric fluid handling.



The WeighStation™ is a vertical bioprocess container (BPC) holder with gravimetric feedback. The base model can accommodate one to three (3) 50Kg single-use hanging BPC. Even when fully loaded, the four locking castors enable a single user to move the unit from location to location with ease. This mobile hanging balance eliminates the tiresome balancing of BPCs on mobile carts and provides safe complete drainage or 100% sample recovery without requiring a second operator to hold the BPC.



The WeighPro™ is a mobile bioprocessing workstation that can be configured to any application. The unit includes a 50Kg vertical bioprocess container holder with gravimetric feedback and, as shown, optional adjustable filter, tubing, sensor and pump mounts. The system can be quickly configured for various bioprocessing projects without sacrificing space or capital.




WeighCart™ is a mobile BPC holder with gravimetric feedback that easily accommodates 100L or 200L bioprocess containers. These two options are typically assembled with a 150Kg balance or a 300Kg balance. Stock system include a worktop and supports to mount a SciLog® laboratory automated liquid handling system. Other accessories and balance options are available.




The WeighSmart™ is a vertical BPC holder with gravimetric feedback that can be used with a GE ReadyKart. The units may also be integrated on your existing systems or wall mounted in your laboratory. The WeighSmart™ can handle up 50Kg and includes a height adjustable foot for easy integration and added stability.