Oil/water separators

Oil/water Separator, range CSW

Oil/water separators of the CSW-.. series consist of a plastic collecting vessel with integrated filter stages and a water outlet as well as of an upstream vent chamber for the condensate inlet. For the CSW-DRUKOSEP series the filter stages comprise a 3-stage combination filter (oil collecting filter, coalescing filter and activated carbon filter) and a downstream safety chamber. For the CSW-DRUKOMAT and CSW-DRUKOMAT PLUS series the filter stages comprise a sedimentation stage with oil outlet (including oil collecting canister with overflow protection) and a downstream prefilter and activated carbon filter. In addition, the CSW-DRUKOMAT PLUS series is provided with a coalescing filter (preko filter), which considerably increases the service life of the activated carbon and the performance of the oil/water separator.

All the separator models are provided with a test valve, a test set, a filter in the vent chamber, and a documentation compartment. The CSW-DRUKOSEP 6-10 and CSW-DRUKOMAT PLUS models have an inspection glass for visually checking the filter (level switch for filter check is available as an option and can be retrofitted).

The use of this device helps protect and preserve the environment

  • effectively separates oil and water directly at the point of discharge and allows 99.9% of condensate into the waste systems
  • comply with the regulations for the disposal of industrial waste water
  • ensure rapid return compared to the usual methods of disposal of oily condensate