Air and Gases Sterile Filtration

There is generally a high risk of microbial contamination during technological operations due to the favourable conditions for microbial growth – higher temperature and the presence of moisture.

This risk presents a concern if the beer , for example, is cold stabilized by microfiltration, so the packaging operation must be aseptic and the microbial hazards adequately controlled. To minimise the risk of microbial contamination and to achieve stable beer once packaged, it is essential that any compressed air or gas used during all related technological points must be sterilized effectively


  • guaranteed filter efficiency of particle retention 0.01µm @ 99.9999%
  • repeatedly steam sanitation of the filter, 150x to 225x according to element’s type
  • filter element with high thermal resistance +170°C: BIO-X II … borosilicate micro-fibers
  • filter element with high thermal resistance +142°C: HIGH FLOW BIO-X … borosilicate micro-fibers treated by hydrohobic teflone  PTFE; HIGH FLOW TETPOR II … PTFE membrane 0.2µm
  • top quality filter housings in sanitary designs: FLC, PHB, PHB (multi), PHF (Z – Style), PHI
  • housing material AISI 304 (1.4301) or AISI316L (1.4404)
  • various connections types available: flange, thread, welding pipe, clamp, fitting

 Valairdata 3

  • Fully automated integrity testing for quick and easy results
  • Aerosol challenge with FDA approved white mineral oil

When some pre-treatment of compressed air/gases is needed we recommend to install sufficient pre-treatment like dyers range Polestar or Starlette and effective prefiltration stages.