PSA 99,9995% – 95% N2

NITROSource – it is a system using reliable cykling adsorption (Pressure Swing Adsorption – PSA) which is completed by special equalization tanks.
Equalizing pressure in the adsorption chambers with molecular sieve (CMS), during the working cycles is achieved a significantly lower ratio between necessary amount of compressed air and outlet volume of nitrogen.


  • Permanent high purity of gas up to 10 ppm O2 = 99.999% N2
  • Small need for installation place
  • System requires compressed air line and power connection only
  • Cost savings up to 90% in comparison with gas bottles N2
  • Elimination of bottle management
  • Fast return on investments
  • Permanent availability of gas resources
  • Simple upgrade of the system
  • Absolute independence from suppliers of gas bottles and cryogenic tanks
  • Don’t waste your money buying Nitrogen!

Interactive Presentation – Industrial Nitrogen Gas Generation – English (Requires Adobe Flash)

Interactive Presentation – NITROSource PSA Nitrogen Gas Generator – English (Requires Adobe Flash)

Video – NITROSource
Video – NITROSource PSA Nitrogen Generators