PSA 99,9995% – 95% N2

NITROSource – it is a system using reliable cykling adsorption (Pressure Swing Adsorption – PSA) which is completed by special equalization tanks.
Equalizing pressure in the adsorption chambers with molecular sieve (CMS), during the working cycles is achieved a significantly lower ratio between necessary amount of compressed air and outlet volume of nitrogen.


  • Permanent high purity of gas up to 10 ppm O2 = 99.999% N2
  • Small need for installation place
  • System requires compressed air line and power connection only
  • Cost savings up to 90% in comparison with gas bottles N2
  • Elimination of bottle management
  • Fast return on investments
  • Permanent availability of gas resources
  • Simple upgrade of the system
  • Absolute independence from suppliers of gas bottles and cryogenic tanks
  • Don’t waste your money buying Nitrogen!

Video – NITROSource Video – NITROSource PSA Nitrogen Generators

NITROSource PSA nitrogen generators contain two-chamber adsorption chambers made of extruded aluminum, which are filled with a carbon molecular sieve. Clean compressed air enters the lower parts of the working chamber, which is currently using nitrogen and flows through the molecular force upwards. Contaminants – oxygen and other trace gases – are detected in molecular strength, credit cards are released through molecular strength. At the same time, in the second column, a regeneration mode can be used, which is to exclude all controlled substances from the molecular sieve.

The new concept enables a reliable method of pressure cyclic adsorption (PSA), which you can add with another new special system “pressure equalization” and a new control system Energy Saving Technology – EST is newly added. By balancing the overpressure in the molecular sieve adsorption chambers (CMS) during the operating cycles, it is possible to significantly increase the ratio between the required amount of compressed air and the output volume loss (of 20%), and thus to significant energy savings.

New Generation Tax Generators NITROSource Parker Domestic Weapons Hunters are builders of pressure threats of up to 13 bar, which means another economic advantage who take the issue in the sense that it is not possible to produce gas by supplementing with a booster compressor.