Dryers STV

Low-pressure Dryers of Technical gases/CNG

Each adsorption dryer STV  of the gas water vapor from the gas is dependent on moisture load, hours of operation resulting to regeneration intervals based fillings – a complete replacement or external desiccant regeneration.

STV dryers are used for drying gas in the low pressure compressor stations, up to 16 barg. In this case, it is used highly sorptive desiccant, specially developed for CNG drying with maintaining a very low pressure drop. All vessels are fitted with stainless steel mesh at the bottom to ensure full flow profile.

Flange connection DIN flanges 2567/2501, outer surface is painted. Dryer is completed with filters – input and output – microfilter and dust filter. The input filter can be connected to automatic condensate drain. So, the sorption capacity of the adsorber protected.

Optional accessory can be pressure dew point transmiter ZHM100 TT-Eex.


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