The KAPTIV-CS-HP-S is a stainless steel
electronically operated level sensed condensate drain which offers zero air-loss during the condensate discharge cycle for applications up to 50 bar.


  • Stainless steel zero air-loss draining solution
  • Capacitive level sensing technology saves air, energy and money
  • 1 model covers up to 100 m3/min. compressor capacity
  • No sizing charts required
  • The KAPTIV-CS-HP-S can be connected to the JORC WARNER
  • Operating pressure up to 50 bar


  • Maximum compressor capacity: 100 m3/min
  • Min./max. system pressure: 0 bar / 50 bar
  • Valve type: 2/2 way, direct acting
  • Minimum medium temperature: 1° C
  • Maximum medium temperature: 50° C
  • Supply voltage options: 230VAC / 115VAC or 24VAC / 24VDC
  • Environmental protection: IP65 (NEMA4)

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