Humimax HM3

Humimax is compact range of air humidifiers. The air flows through evaporating layer and carries away water molecules. This unit ensures accurate humidification and automatic humidity control according to set-point.
These units are designed to fulfil various needs and form optimal balance between efficiency, stability and power consumption.
Humimax is optimal choice for keeping air humidity on certain level at many applications like print-houses, food industry, wood processing and furniture production, museums and computer halls. The installation and maintenance is very easy.


  • volume of wet air in standard capacities 2000, 5000 and 10000 m3/hod.
  • it is possible to use non-treated city-water
  • system Humimax does not enit water aerosol nor water droplets. Both aerosols and water doplets can containg bacteria and modls which somone can breath in.
  • Humimax unit produces wet air which is not saturated by water. This avoids condensation anywhere.
  • there is no need for some additional equipment. All important parts like console, screws, operating manual, etc. are scope of delivery
  • adiabatic humidification effect leads to temperature reduction by 2 – 5°C, which will be appreciated during summer season
  • Humimax cleans air as well by inlet filter
  • stainless steel casing ensures high added value for ling time

The operation of Humimax is in comparison with jet systems:

  • more quiet
  • cheaper solution: investment and operating costs
  • there is no need to install long and complicated compressed air pipe-works
  • no need for additional air compressor of corresponding capacity
  • there is no need for external company doing montage, start-up, maintenance, service
  • room humidity is possible to control via adjustable humidistat which can communicate with up to 8 humidifiers
  • fan speed is possible to adjust in the range of 10-100%
  • wet air direction is easy to setup in very simple way

To operate the Humimax™ are needed following items:

  • power supply 230V AC
  • water supply for feeding of internal tank
  • connection to water-waste system