Screw compressors

The growing demand for compressed air requires more efficient and reliable compressors. The new Gardner Denver screw compressor range meets this requirement.

Typical features are:

simple and safe handling
Compressors are delivered ready to run
In-side access simplifies maintenance
connection of the electric motor with the block by first-class belt transmission
By installing new intake valves, the optimum for idling was achieved, resulting in savings of up to 20% el. energy
high reliability and long service life of the screw block and other parts
oil content up to 5 mg / m3
heating of compressed air by 10-12 ° C compared to the temperature on the suction side

Easy automatic compressor control:

work cycles, start triangle / star
limitation of the number of starts per hour, idling regulation, delayed starts under load
indication of regulation and alarms
oil temperature
operating pressure control
Monitoring of operating hours and off-hours
maintenance monitoring program at fixed intervals
possibility of parallel connection of 2 or more compressors