Silica is present mainly in the form of amorphous SiO2. It is chemically inert and resistant to most acids, but is sensitive to alkalis. Silica is mainly used in the form of granules and beads, which leads to a favorable pressure drop and minimal wear on the dynamic drying processes.

Drying of compressed air, gases and organic liquids.

Type N– normal beads

has a high water holding capacity, otherwise there is destruction upon contact with water in liquid form.


Type WS– water-proof beads

degree of adsorption of water is lower by 30%. Because it withstands direct contact with water is used as the damping/restraining layer on the inlet side of the dryer.



Type Orange gel– moisture indicator

dry grains have an orange color. When the adsorption of water leads to a change of color, which changes to a simple colorless transparency. This material is preferably used as the indicator gas dryness.


Type S159 – special desiccant for hydrocarbon removal