Automated Single-Use Bioprocessing Systems

SciLog® ChemTec™

Precision Metering System

The SciLog® ChemTec™ is a high precision metering system that provides application specific automation for chemical and biological application.

Features and Benefits:

  • Stored methods for linear or exponential feed by weight or volume.
  • Validated methods for pH control and titration, analytic (UV, turbidity) device tracking, preparative chromatography, and buffer weight maintenance.
  • Walk-away automation with remote or user defined alarms and interlocks.
  • Programmable control of two 6-port rotary valves


SciLog® MabTec®

Cell Culture Maintenance System 

The SciLog® MabTec® is an automated high density cell culture system.

Features and Benefits:

  • Promote high-density cell culture though automated seed, feed and perfusion strategies.
  • Methods and alarms to protect your entire cell culture processes.
  • Modular compact design enhances current setups.
  • Seamless integration to any bioreactor to enhance performance.


SciLog® WeighStationTM

The SciLog® WeighStationTM family is an assortment of mobile, compact, bioprocessing container holders with integrated scales for gravimetric fluid handling.