Carbon dioxide polishing systems

Providing quality incident protection for beverage grade carbon dioxide, PCO2 offers protection against carbon dioxide contamination and impurities of up to 10 times the allowable levels.

  • Ensures compliance with quality guidelines published by the International Society for Beverage Technologies (ISBT)
  • Protects drinks manufacturing processes from vapour impurities

Stage 1  – 0.01 micron particle filtration
Removal of non-volatile organic residue (NVOR) and other contaminants down to 0.01 ppm

Stage 2 -Removal of water vapour and partial removal of hydrocarbons

Stage 3 -Primary removal of aromatic hydrocarbons
(Benzene, Toluene etc and Acetaldehyde)

Stage 4 – Removal of sulphur compounds
(COS, H2S, DMS etc)

Stage 5 – 0.01 micron particle filtration

Stage 6 – Point of use VBACE sterile gas membrane.
Hi Flow Tetpor II

Interactive Presentation – PCO2 – English (Requires Adobe Flash)    

PCO2 Next Generation Carbon Dioxide Quality Incident Protection Systems – Video