Audit of Compressed Air & Gas Quality and Consumption

Why to analyse? 

Determining the compressed air consumption and other parameters to reveal the true operating parameters that are crucial for the choice and design of concrete solutions. Absolutely the most informative value have long-term measurements, which record all the data not only during peak demand, but also outside of it – in the nights, weekends, etc.. 


  • Variable connection to the pipe diameter up to DN250 
  • Installation of the measuring apparatus can be made during operation without depressurization system
  • Data logger allows long-term measurements even of a few weeks
  • Easy data transfer to PC and fast processing

Estimated parameters: 

  • Flow-rate Q (m3/h – acc. ISO 1217) 
  • Temperature T (°C)
  • Pressure p (barg)
  • Pressure dew point PDP (°C)
  • Content (oil, aerosol, hydrocarbons)