ecodry KE-MT 120-600

Adsorption Dryer Zander®, Ecodry KE-MT Multitronic
Fully redesigned purification system KE-MT for high capacities consists of heatless adsorption dryer (PSA – pressure swing adsorption). It is recommended to install prefilter range XL,  and dust filter at outlet range VL.

Additional vessel (as an adsober of hydrocarbons AK)  creates compact system for keeping outlet oil concentration up to 0,003 mg/m3.

Deyer range KE-MT is also available in Silicone Free & PaintCompatible.


  • standard capacity up to 6100 m3/h
  • power supply 230VAC, 40W
  • 10-minute cycles, 12-times per hour – additional purge air saving of 5,6% in comparision with other manufactures
  • Pressure dew point (PDP) in the range -25 to -70°C – high operational safety
  • Multitronic – mikroprocessor control device for direct compressor synchronisation- adjustable required level of PDP
  • Valve block of new generation with valve of precise position, direct control of regeneration valves as well –stability at each situation
  • LED diods on PID display status of the dryer
  • Effective run control based on real value of PDP- proportional reduction of operating costs with dryer’s load
  • Special stainless steel supporting plate for uniforming air-flow-distribution ensuring optimal speed profile accross the vessel – longer desiccant lifetime
  • Pressure vessels according to PED, ASME, China Stamp, ISPESEL, SdM, UDT – alternative solutions