Standard ISO 8573-1:2010

ISO 8573-1  – a Standard of Compressed Air Quality
It is group of international standards concerning compressed air quality.
Standard consists of 9 parts. Nr. 1 defines quality requirements on compressed air,
parts Nr. 2 – 9 describe testing methods of many contaminants in the air.

PDP… pressure dew point

The individual parts of the standard deal with:

8573-1. Contaminants and purity classes

8573-2. Oil aerosol content

8573-3. Test methods for measurement of humidity

8573-4. Test methods for particle content

8573-5. Test methods for oil vapour and organic solvent content

8573-6. Test methods for gaseous contaminant content

8573-7. Test methods for viable microbiological contaminant content

8573-8. Test methods for solid particle content by mass concentration

8573-9. Test methods for liquid water content