VDMA 15390

… the „explaining standard“

The VDMA specification series 15390 is

  • a national application guide for the ISO 8573 standard series
  • a kind of substitute for no longer published DIN ISO 8573 standards
  • an extension to the ISO 8573 standard series, additionally providing recommendations for application specific compressed air purity classes, explanations and useful informative content
  • a „small compendium“ for compressed air treatment technology
  • the guiding document for specific applications, e.g. food and beverage, pharmaceutical (including packing) or wet painting
A VDMA specification sheet is a recognized technical rule, i.e.

  • „officially just“ a recommendation,
  • but can define the «state of the art» and thus becomes a mandatory rule
  • similar significance to a DIN standard


The common title of this VDMA specification series is

Compressed air purity — Typical application specific purity classes according to ISO 8573-1:2010
and instructions for generation and verification of ….

providing the parts …

VDMA 15390-1
VDMA 15390-2
VDMA 15390-3

(…. appropriate compressed air purity for paint applications. Work in progress)

VDMA 15390-4

(…. sterile compressed air. Projected)


The VDMA specification series 15390 is also available in English.


In general, recommended readings regarding compressed air treatment, compressed air purity and compressed air purity measurement (ISO 8573), especially for dedicated compressed air applications. As recognized technical rule reference can be taken to the VDMA specification series 15390 in order to proof the alignment with the «state of the art».


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