VDMA 15390-2

VDMA 15390-2
…. appropriate compressed air purity for applications in the sector of food and pharma technology

First edition (2018)

VDMA specification sheet 15390-2 extents the master document VDMA 15390-1 for the specific requirements in the sector of food and pharma technology. With the major aspect of

… in particular, food and pharma technology comprises the additional and potential risk of health damage …….

an own and extended document was created for this application. VDMA specification sheet 15390-2 specifies

  • application specific terms and definitions
  • basic application specific information for compressed air
  • the required central and decentral compressed air treatment, depending on the pipework system
  • applications and risks
  • table for typical purity classes of dedicated applications
  • many further useful information and application notes


Medical compressed air, ambient air, propellants or packaging gases and in general any kind of food additives are not subject of this VDMA specification sheet.


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