VDMA 15390-1

VDMA 15390-1
…. a respective compressed air purity for industrial applications

First edition (2014)

VDMA specification sheet 15390-1 is the master document of the entire specification series. All further parts of the series require a respective reference to this part. The VDMA specification sheet 15390-1 specifies

  • all terms and definitions of the ISO 8573 standard series (German translation) plus further useful terms and definitions
  • extended description of ISO 8573-1, additionally comprising
    • a comprehensive description of contaminants within compressed air
    • the basics of compressed air treatment (components ; central and decentral treatment)
    • the history of ISO 8573-1, especially in regards to its particle classes
  • table for typical purity classes of dedicated compressed air applications
  • descriptions for the verification of a compressed air purity
  • short description of ISO 7183 and ISO 12500
  • many further useful information and application notes


Specifically, the VDMA specification sheet 15390-1 extents the subjects compressed air purity measurements and verification of a compressed air purity. The opportunity of an indirect verification is introduced, the importance of the standardized methods of ISO 8573 is mentioned and the opportunity and requirements for applying alternative test methods are described.