Electronic Condensate Drain CDE..L..

Condensate drains of the CDE..L.. are designed for removing compressed air condensate not containing aggressive substances. This means that the liquids produced in the compressed air system will automatically be discharged to an atmospheric pressure level while ensuring no loss of compressed air.


In principle, condensate is always produced in a compressed air system. It occurs in the form of quantities of liquid, mainly consisting of water with some amounts of oil, or in the form of concentrated liquids, separated by filtration. The result often is rust formation and corrosion within the compressed air system leading to additional contamination of the condensate. To avoid condensate carryover and thus prevent the compressed air from being contaminated with coarse pollutions, the co ndensate must be removed immediately and directly from the compressed air system using condensate drains. Condensate drains of the CDE..L.. series have an integrated condensate collecting vessel separated from the compressed air flow to which the condensate is discharged and where it is stored temporarily. The condensate collecting vessel contains a wear-free, magnetic float level sensor controlled by an electronic control system.