Concept WVM

Efficient compressed-air adsorption dryer with vacuum regeneration

Heat-regenerating adsorption dryers of the WVM 40-1450 series dry industrial compressed air reliably and efficiently up to a pressure dew point of -25 to -40 °C (PDP -70 °C on request). Parker Zander developed – and today still uses – energy efficient vacuum drying for regeneration and therefore avoids any loss of flushing gas (zero purge).

The twin vessels allow for continuous operation: while the compressed air is dried in one vessel by the moisture accumulating around the desiccant – a doublelayered silica gel filling – dehumidification of the desiccant (regeneration) takes place in the second vessel. Ambient air is sucked in through a heater for this. During the heating phase, the heated air flows through the desiccant bed from the bottom upwards and carries the moisture outwards. When the heater is switched off, the ambient air that was sucked in continues to flow through the desiccant bed and cools it down so the desiccant becomes receptive again.

Regeneration in a partial vacuum lowers the evaporation energy required and also prevents the emission of fan heat into the system and, together with the needs-adjusted dew point controller, allows for optimum energy use. A considerable advantage of the suction flow from the bottom upwards is the complete residual drying right at the upper part of the desiccant bed: the pressure dew points are attained at this point, which are also stably low during the switchover, so the already dried process air does not have to have purge air removed from it.

The installation of a prefilter for the removal of drops of moisture and an afterfilter for the removal of dust particles is recommended (both FL filters available as options).

Benefits of WVM:

  • regeneration of desiccant is independent on compressed air
  • ZERO (0%) purge air
  • low energy consumption
  • standard dew point control
  • standard pressure dew point (PDP) -40°C
  • no peaks of PDP
  • used top quality components
  • very energy efficient sorption dryer
  • patented by Zander
  • dryer available in Silicone Free & Paint Compatible version