Water Separators FCA..WS.. (16, 50 bar)

Type FCA-WS water separators are mainly designed for separating great amounts of liquids from compressed air flows (liquid separation), i.e. separating compressed air condensate generated in aftercoolers or refrigerant dryers. Larger solid contaminants are, of course, also separated during this process. Flow direction is from outside to inside (code ‘S’).


Type FCA filter housings are made from high-quality, corrosion-resistant aluminium, manufactured in a casting process (gravity casting). For surface finishing purposes and for increasing resistance all filter housings have to go through a chrome(VI)-free passivation process and are finished by an impact-proof and abrasion-proof powder coating which is provided on the outer side of the housing.

The filter housings comply with the requirements of the Pressure Equipment Directive 2014/68/EU, and some (depending on the model and pressure level) have the CE marking of this European directive.

Type EFST water separator inserts of filtration grade W consist of a stainless steel cyclone spinner attached to an end cap in the top part and a stainless steel rebound plate in the bottom part of the water separator insert. Highest attention was paid to the metal design so even great pulsations within the compressed air system cannot cause any harm to the water separator insert. Compressed air entering the separator housing is redirected by the water separator insert to a kind of cyclone flow. “Heavy” liquid contaminants within the compressed air are pushed against the inner wall of the housing this way (centrifugal forces), finally draining into the bottom of the housing by gravity while the compressed air, freed from a major part of liquid contaminants, is flowing towards to outlet in the middle of the housing. The rebound plate avoids contaminants, already separated and collected in the bottom part of the filter housing, re-entering the compressed air flow.

All the features mentioned above are a contribution to a water separator which has a high performance (water separation efficiency) and maximum operating safety (integrated metal design).