Filter Housings FWS.. (16, 50 bar)

Type FWS filter housings are designed as compressed air and vacuum filter housings at high volume flow with flange connections in the pressure levels 16 bar and 50 bar for compressed air without aggressive substances.


Type FWS filter housings are made from high-quality welded steel parts. For surface finishing purposes and for increasing the resistance the housings are sandblasted, then completely primed (except for the sealing surfaces). Finally, an additional layer is painted on the outer side.

Opening of the housings for filter element replacement is particularly easy because the housing flange is located far down which means that only the “light” housing base has to be removed. With the 200 – 2000 models the housing base is provided with a handle and a hinge and can therefore easily be opened. The filter element holder has a guideway in order for the filter elements to be automatically locked in the holder when installed. The housing base has a round design which allows for separated liquids to drain completely and which avoids risks resulting from residual amounts of liquid (risk of rust formation).

Type FWS filter housings are designed for one or more filter elements to be inserted and have a compressed air inlet and outlet with a flange connection each (flanges according to DIN 2633 (PN16), DIN 2635 (PN50)), a condensate outlet with a G 1/2 thread (models 140 – 190) or with a G 1 thread (models 200 – 2000) (threads according to DIN 259), and 2 x G 1/4 threaded connections for differential pressure monitoring and compressed air purity monitoring. A fixing latch enables mounting of differential pressure gauges or other monitoring equipment directly to the filter housing. An eyebolt on the filter housing provides for easy transportation and mounting.

The filter housings comply with the requirements of the Pressure Equipment Directive 2014/68/EU, and some have the CE marking of this European directive.