Filtration grades

Water Separator W

Type EFST water separator inserts of filtration grade W are mainly designed for separating great amounts of liquids from compressed air flows (liquid separation), i.e. separating compressed air condensate generated in aftercoolers or refrigerant dryers. Larger solid contaminants are, of course, also separated during this process. Filtration grade W is therefore used, if great amounts of liquid or coarse contaminants need to be separated from a compressed air flow.

Water separator inserts of type EFST..W are only suitable for FCA series filter housings.


Filter Elements EFST.. ZN, XN, XXN

Type EFST filter elements of filtration grades ZN, XN, XXN are mainly designed for separating liquid aerosols, i.e. smallest, nebulous liquid droplets (coalescing filtration, wet-type filtration) as well as for separating finest dust contaminants (fine dust filtration, dry-type filtration) from compressed air flows. Larger droplets or amounts of liquids are, of course, also separated during this process.


Filter Elements EFSTP.. V, ZN, XN, XXN, A

Type EFSTP filter elements of filtration grades V, ZN, XN, XXN and A are filter elements with FST filtration technology suitable for FST filter housings of type FWP. Both, type FWP filter housings and the entire body of EFSTP filter elements are fully made out of stainless steel. Therefore this series is especially suitable for applications requiring ultra clean air or applications with extended demands in regards to temperature or chemical resistance.


Filter Cartridges EFST..CA (Activated Carbon)

Type EFST.. filter cartridges of filtration grade CA are mainly designed for separating oil vapours from compressed air flows (dry-type filtration). The properties of the activated carbon are especially suitable to separate gaseous contaminants. Filtration grade CA is therefore used, if there are no liquid contaminants in the compressed air flow.


Filter Cartridges ERDH – CA, CHL

Type ERDH filter cartridges of filtration grades CA and CHL provide the opportunity to use our high performance, energy efficient and safe to operate filtration technology also in domnick-hunter series Oil-X Plus filter housings. We recommend the following filtration grade assignment:

Activated carbon CA AC
Catalyst CHL HC