Filter Housings FCA.. (16, 50 bar)

Type FCA filter housings are designed as compressed air and vacuum filter housings for small to medium volume flows and connection sizes in the pressure levels 16 bar and 50 bar for compressed air without aggressive substances.


Type FCA filter housings are made from high-quality, corrosion-resistant aluminium, manufactured in a casting process (gravity casting). For surface finishing purposes and for increasing resistance all filter housings have to go through a chrome(VI)-free passivation process and are finished by an impact-proof and abrasion-proof powder coating which is provided on the outer side of the housing.

When screwing the lower filter part (filter bowl) into the upper filter part (filter head) the torque applied to the thread of the filter housing is limited by means of a limit stop. This prevents the thread from being pressed or overstressed and the housings can easily be opened by hand even after a longer operating period.

Each type FCA filter housing is designed for one filter element to be inserted. The housings are provided with a compressed air inlet and outlet with a threaded connection (connection size depends on the model) as well as with a condensate outlet with a G 1/2 threaded connection (threads according to DIN 259). Models 30 – 190 also have 2 times G 1/8 threaded connections which, in conjunction with two M5 mounting holes, are used for differential pressure monitoring and compressed air purity monitoring. Model 20 – 130 filter housings are provided with two through holes in the filter head that are located outside the pressure chamber and used for filter combination mounting or for wall mounting (FAM and FAW mounting kits are available as an accessory).

The filter housings comply with the requirements of the Pressure Equipment Directive 2014/68/EU, and some (depending on the model and pressure level) have the CE marking of this European directive.